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Back to School Martial Arts Special

Back to School Martial Arts Special

You want your child to excel. We do too. That is why we offer a special back to school discount for children that sign up now for one of our classes.

Martial arts allow children the ability to learn to defend themselves and develop important character skills. Each of our martial arts classes offers children the opportunity to learn realistic self-defense techniques. We speak frequently in the class about how to deal with bullies, strangers, or how to defend themselves if they are attacked by one or more person. But in addition to self defense techniques, we make sure that the class offers a great workout that can help them develop strong muscles, gain endurance, and help them develop an attitude that hard work pays off. Another important benefit to our martial arts classes is the level of discipline the children learn while training in the class. Each child is held to a behavioral standard which we hope extends to their other classrooms and at home.

We offer many class options including classes for Preschoolers that are 3 and 4 years old. A class for young kindergarten and grade schoolers aged 5 to 8 years old, and a class for older elementary school ages from 9 to 14 years old. Each class is offered at the level that age group can understand and ensures that children have others in their age group to work with.

For the Month of August, we are offering our classes at a substantial discount. Sign up now and you can save $45 and get a free MMA t-shirt for your child(ren) when you enroll by August 30th. The fee includes 1 month of classes 2 days per week, a uniform and registration. You can sign up now online to get enrolled and start training in the next available class.

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