College Self-Defense – 8 Week Course

College Self-Defense – 8 Week Course

Enroll your college student if our college self-defense class now! The class is available for teens or adult women.

women-in-giThis summer at Beaufort MMA, we will host a special 8 week course developed to help provide a platform for college aged women to learn self-defense prior to leaving home to go to college. Each class will incorporate Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) techniques to empower your teen to defend themselves on campus should the need arise. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial arts and self-defense system based on various techniques to allow a smaller weaker opponent overcome a stronger, larger opponents by use of leverage and body positioning. The class will focus on close quarters self-defense when escape is not an option, but we will discuss many strategies for self-defense that should hopefully keep each student out of harm’s way.

College can be a dangerous place especially for those who are unfamiliar with life away from home. We would like to prepare each student for a chance to learn valuable self-defense techniques and strategies while providing a great workout and camaraderie with friends in the class.

The 8 week class begins on June 12th and will continue every Monday and Wednesday night at 6:15pm until the course concludes in August.

Upon sign-up, each new student will receive a BJJ gi (uniform with belt) and will be enrolled for the full 8 weeks. Please specify a gi size based on our sizing chart (click here) when you enroll. If you are not sure of what size you are, please just type “not sure” on the enrollment form and we will call you to determine the best size.

8 Week College Self-Defense Course
$300.00 $150.00 and includes a free uniform

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