Women’s Fitness Kickboxing – 8 Week Course

Group of beautiful women in a hard boxing class on gym training high kick

Learn how to punch and kick, avoid punches, block kicks but all with benefits of moving quick and getting your heart rate up!

Don’t wait any longer to enroll in a fitness program. This class is for women that are looking to get a great workout and have fun doing it. The class will incorporate proper martial arts techniques with an aerobic workout to give you a chance to both have a great workout and learn the correct way to punch, kick, knee and elbow.

If you are looking to lose weight or improve your health, this class can help you in that you are actively working out at a high pace two nights a week. With a change in diet, you will see even better results. If you are interested in the class to maintain your current fitness level, be encouraged that the class includes the cardiovascular benefits of running or cycling, but encourages you to change things up often which will keep you motivated. Not to mention the friends you are bound to make in a friendly, helpful environment.

The course is broken down into an 8 week schedule with 2 classes per week every Monday and Wednesday at 7:20pm. The class will consist of about 30 minutes of intense cardio and 10 minutes of warm-up / cool-down. You are not required to buy any additional gear for the class, but boxing gloves or hand wraps are available for an additional fee if you would prefer to train with the added weight on your arms.

This 8 Week Kickboxing Course Begins June 5th, 2017

The $130 fee includes your registration fee, 2 months of classes and a workout shirt for in or out of class.

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