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Beaufort MMA is Beaufort, SC’s first and only Mixed Martial Arts Studio. We train students to protect themselves and their families, instill important Character Traits, and hone skills for Competition. Beaufort MMA began in March of 1997 as McCullough Submission Fighting. The founder, Will McCullough opened the gym due to demand from friends and students of private lessons he had been giving in his garage. The curriculum he put together came to be called Zanshindo and focused on learning the techniques so well that they became second nature or muscle memory. In a self-defense situation, you don’t have much time to think, you can only react. So Will developed his curriculum as a way to build reaction based martial arts that covered self defense from standing, the takedown and on the ground.

In its early days, McCullough Submission Fighting became 1 of only a handful of martial arts centers across the US to be officially endorsed by the Ultimate Fighting Championships. In 2003, the gym was passed on to a few of Will’s top students and the name was changed to Beaufort Martial Arts Academy. The curriculum and instruction stayed the same, but more focus was added towards competition. A fight team was developed and students of Beaufort MMA have been in competitions across the nation. In 2014, the business officially became Beaufort MMA and added new classes including USA Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The same self-defense training is always present even though many new styles and classes have been introduced.

Interested in MMA Classes in Beaufort? We teach mixed martial arts (MMA) and self-defense to all age groups and experience levels. Our students range from 3 years old to 50 years old and aboveĀ and from brand new martial artists to seasoned competitors. Want to Try a Class? Our classes are very affordable for the experience you will gain, but we will give you an Absolutely FREE Lesson to Try Our School. We also have great family rates too! Need More Information? Take time to read through the information on our site and listen to what our students have to say before making any decisions. You can call or email us with any other questions as well.