Tiny but Tough Martial Arts (3 & 4 yr olds)

The kids class teaches character skills while giving a fun environment to learn realistic self-defense.
Self Control

This class is currently on hold. Please contact us if you would like to be added to a waiting list!

How old do kids need to be to learn martial arts? We believe that as motor skills are developing, children can learn the foundational elements for martial arts. Because younger children have shorter attention spans and high levels of energy though, the classes need to be formatted a bit differently to accommodate them.

Our Tiny but Tough martial arts class for 3-5 year old children is the perfect introduction to martial arts of any kind for your child. The class times are reduced to eliminate anxiety for the younger children. The classes also focus less time watching techniques and more time doing drills and fun activities that develop the skills they need to be successful in martial arts as they get more mature.


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