Jack Geren

2nd Degree Black Belt Zanshino
2nd degree Black Belt in Chun Kuk Do
Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
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Jack E. Geren, III, is a skilled 2nd degree Black Belt in the art of Chun Kuk Do, a 2nd Degree Black Belt in ZanShinDo and holds a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Jack began his martial arts training in 1990 studying Chun Kuk Do at Club Karate under the instruction of Master Chuck Elias (currently a 7th degree Black Belt). In January of 2005, Jack expanded his training regimen and began training at Beaufort Martial Arts Academy, a submission fighting school that teaches Zanshindo.

He has studied many styles over the years broadening his knowledge of the martial arts and learning many methods of self defense. His discipline and training methods are the key ingredients to the success of his martial arts expertise and why he has become the person he is today. Jack strives to be the best, all of the time, and always puts forth 100 percent of his effort in anything he does.