Bully Prevention Course

This class teaches bully prevention while building the following characteristics
Self Control

Beaufort MMA is pleased to offer a special program for new and returning members interested in learning martial arts for self-defense, confidence, physical fitness, and even competition.

6 Week Course for $200 $99:
Beginning Tuesday October 18th, 2022

The course begins on October 18, 2022 and concludes within 6 weeks. There will be a final evaluation scheduled following the final week of the course where each new student has an opportunity to earn rank for their first level in the martial arts class.

The class will allow new students to participate in the class for 6 weeks at a reduced rate. Our focus will be on various aspects of martial arts especially self-defense, response to aggression, self-discipline, and how to handle violent conflicts at school or elsewhere.

The school year is usually where bullying begins for most children and where children that are bullied start to really feel its harmful effects. We understand that bullies can attack physically, verbally, and psychologically and teach each student how to identify a bully, stop their assault without violence if possible, and finally how to overcome a larger bully to get help. The course repeats themes week after week and students engage in martial arts drills as well as scenarios and question and answer sessions.

All children from 6 and up are welcome to join the program. There are many class options to join including Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts and Taekwondo. Each class is 45 minutes.

We encourage parents to listen in on the classes and to reinforce what the children learn during and after the course concludes.

Class Syllabus and Letter from the Instructor

Dear Parent,

Thank you for your interest in Beaufort MMA’s Bully Prevention Class. This class is meant to provide your child with a sense for what makes a bully, how to avoid conflict and how to react to several bully situations.

Each of the 6 weeks will have a specific theme which will build upon the previous week. At the conclusion of the fourth week, your child will provide you with a progress report, which you will need to sign and at the conclusion of the class, each child will be tested and receive a certificate of completion for the class.

To maximize the effect of the class, it is recommended that each child attend daily, but the class will repeat the theme every week in case a class is missed.

The weekly breakdown will be set as follows:

    • Week 1 – What is the difference from Martial Arts and Self-Defense
    • Week 2 – What is a Bully?
    • Week 3 – Avoiding Physical Conflict Peacefully
    • Week 4 – Stopping an Attack with Physical Response
    • Week 5 – Defense from Teens and Adults
    • Week 6 – Preparing for Multiple Attackers

  • Certificate of Completion

Although the course is only 6 weeks long, we hope to help your child learn confidence and self-worth which can harm a majority of bullied children over time. The class will also offer techniques on physical defense from standing, the ground, and when confronted with more dangerous situations.

Thank you for your dedication to your child’s well being and please let us know if you have any questions as we move through the course.


Sensei Abe Stem
Beaufort MMA Instructor

Enroll Now – Only $200 $99!

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