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Did you know that studies show that when friends train martial arts together, they both do better than they would without their friend in the class? When you are training with your friend, you will undoubtedly have more fun and be driven to get even better. Training with a friend can also allow you to bond in new ways and actually strengthen your friendship.

Why not experience the benefits of training with a friend and get rewarded? We have developed a way for you to do that with our Refer a Friend Program. All you have to do is invite your friends to class. When they sign up, they will need to mention who referred them, and then you will receive your reward! So easy and totally worth it!

What type of reward will I receive?

For each member you refer to join the class, you will receive $20 cash to use as you see fit, including anything through Beaufort MMA. Apply your $20 towards your monthly fees, some new Beaufort MMA shirts, a sparring gear set, a new gi, etc. For every 5 people you refer you will receive an additional surprise gift from the gym.

Who can I refer to the classes?

You can refer anyone to our currently scheduled classes. We have classes for students 5 years old to 50+ years old currently, so almost everyone is invited to join the program. So if all your friends are already in the class, or if your friends aren’t interested for themselves, you can also refer their children to receive a reward.

Are their any special conditions?

Referrals are considered new or returning students. Current members don’t count. Also, due to our family discount program, family memberships will count as 2 referrals regardless of how many people are enrolled from the same family. Students must be enrolled and pay for their first month and any other start up fees prior to you receiving your reward. Students will only be counted towards a referral once. If they cancel their membership and then sign up again, we will not continue to offer more rewards.

If you have any questions, please contact us to let us know. We are looking forward to seeing who you invite to class first!

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