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New Post from @beaufort.mma on Instagram

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New Post from @beaufort.mma on Instagram

The White House task force feels that at this time it is best to have gatherings of less than 10 people. Since each of our classes are typically more than that, we feel that it may be in your best interests and to those in the community for you to stay home if you can during this time. As a business, we need your support and patronage to operate however, and we will continue to teach classes as previously scheduled for this evening and possibly moving forward. We will be posting videos of the techniques in our classes to our facebook and instagram pages so you can study or practice from home if you decide to avoid the gym for now. Just like most of the world, we are at a loss for how to navigate this strange reality we find ourselves in, but we know we can't continue without your continued support. Subscribe to our page/follow us if you want to be updated if anything changes. We appreciate you all and hope and pray that our community is able to get through this together or apart.

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