Youth Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Classes (Kid’s BJJ)

The kids class teaches character skills while giving a fun environment to learn realistic self-defense.
Self Control

15398868_10154592689010923_1241295264_oBrazilian Jiu-jitsu is a great form of self defense and provides an opportunity for students to compete and get in great shape. At Beaufort MMA, we offer a class specific for children aged 8-14 to train in BJJ (Submission Grappling in a gi). This class is independent from our Mixed Martial Arts class, but offers children a chance to learn and practice gi jiu-jitsu for use in self-defense and competition.

If a child is attacked by another child, we want them to be prepared for any situation. Training in the gi allows the children to learn how to use grips and position on the ground to stop another child’s attack while giving the opportunities to learn to escape positions when someone larger tries to hold them down. This is reinforced with competitive matches in the school and at local and regional tournaments from time to time. Competition allows the children to face the struggle of a fight with the controlled environment of a rule based competition with a referee.

Children in this class learn self confidence and discipline as well and always have a great workout. The class time allows for children who train in BJJ to continue into the next class, youth MMA, so they can really maximize their time on the mat and your time as a parent.

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