Abe Stem

Black Shirt in Zanshindo
Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Licensed MMA Cornerman/Trainer
Youth Martial Arts Instruction
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Get in Touch:

Abe has been training at Beaufort MMA since 2001 and has been an instructor since 2003. He has competed an trained in many different venues and is the lead instructor at Beaufort MMA. He has extensive training in striking and grappling and offers students a dynamic and creative curriculum that helps them develop in multiple areas simultaneously. Abe enjoys teaching youth students as well as teen and adult students and has coached many fighters to success in amateur and professional competitions. He also dedicates his time to working with military and law enforcement and has trained several close combat and MCMAP instructors from Parris Island as well as with local Fire and Police Departments.

Abe’s first focus for students is to make sure that they are equipped to defend themselves from any number of threats from one on one altercations, to physical or verbal bullying, to multiple attackers, and even from an opponent in a competition. Because of this he offers many free or low cost seminars for women’s self defense, military and law enforcement martial arts seminars, and bully prevention courses for children that are the victim of bullying. If you are interested in Abe speaking or teaching your group, please contact him below.