Bully Prevention Registration

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Register your child for this bully prevention class to build their confidence and equip them with the mindset and skillset to defend themselves from bullies! Special introductory price!

Course Begins
March 2nd at 5:15pm



The course begins on March 2, 2020 and concludes within 6 weeks. There will be a final evaluation scheduled following the final week of the course where each new student has an opportunity to earn rank for their first level in the martial arts class.

The class will allow new students to participate in the class for 6 weeks at a reduced rate. Our focus will be on various aspects of martial arts especially self-defense, response to aggression, self-discipline, and how to handle violent conflicts at school or elsewhere.

The school year is usually where bullying begins for most children and where children that are bullied start to really feel its harmful effects. We understand that bullies can attack physically, verbally, and psychologically and teach each student how to identify a bully, stop their assault without violence if possible, and finally how to overcome a larger bully to get help. The course repeats themes week after week and students engage in martial arts drills as well as scenarios and question and answer sessions.

All children from 5 and up are welcome to join the program. Classes meet Monday and Wednesday at 5:15pm through the 6 weeks. Each class is 45 minutes.

We encourage parents to listen in on the classes and to reinforce what the children learn during and after the course concludes.


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