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MMA Fights in Columbus GA – Beaufort MMA Team

Our team will have some ready fighters competing in amateur mixed martial arts in Columbus GA. Columbus GA is home to Fort Benning and the headquarters for the Army Combatives program for the United States Army. We will face some able competition at the event, so hard, dedicated training is a must even during the holiday week that we have before us.

Several fighters from our Beaufort and Savannah gyms will be competing including:

Brandon Hunter:

Brandon Hunter is a  mixed martial arts fighter and a Marine stationed at Parris Island South Carolina. This will be his 125lb debut and he is looking to ignite the cage with his combinations and finishing moves. He will be fighting another 125 lb fighter out of the Columbus GA area, so Brandon will need to earn the respect of the crowd. Brandon hopes to win by knockout or submission in the first round.

Jacques Valentin:

Jacques Valentin is also a Marine stationed at the Marine Corps Air Station in Beaufort SC. He recently returned from a year long tour in Iraq and hopes to bring a quick finish to his 155 lb amateur mma opponent.  Although Jacques has not fought in mixed martial arts competition, he knows his training and desire will bring him and Beaufort MMA a strong performance and a memorable win.

Colton Rucker:

Colton hopes to be fighting at 145 lbs for this amateur fight. Colton is a tough fighter with lots of life experience and a stubborn and dominant will that should give him a win over his opponent.

Jesus Bruno:

“Bruno” is a United States Marine and a mixed martial arts fighter from Beaufort SC training at Beaufort MMA. Bruno is a large heavyweight fighter and hopes to get a knock out or submit his opponent at the Columbus show. He may not have a fight for this card, but is training hard and will be fighting soon.

Adam Raczkowski:

Adam Raczkowski is a young Mixed Martial Artist at Beaufort MMA and has never fought in an mma competition. He is an extremely good performer though and his competitiveness is often rewarded by tough wins. Among Adam’s achievements are his 7 times as US National Olympic lifting champion as well as several no gi and gi victories in submission grappling competition. Adam hopes to begin a new run of impressive victories with a series of knockouts during his mma career.

More of our Team is fighting as well. Check our Savannah MMA News site to see who else will be competing.

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