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Muay Thai offers a other benefits in addition to the ability to compete in youth, amateur and professional sporting events.

Youth Muay Thai Classes in Beaufort SC

Why should your children do Muay Thai?

Muay Thai for KidsWith the abundance of children’s activities available in Beaufort SC, you may ask yourself which activity should you choose for your child. Of course everyone has their favorite sports and starting a sport at a young age can translate into good athletic ability, possible scholarships to prestigious schools, and eventually a professional sporting career. Youth sports definitely help with balance, coordination, discipline, and developing the ability to work together with others on a team.

Muay Thai offers a other benefits in addition to the ability to compete in youth, amateur and professional sporting events.

Muay Thai Kickboing for Fitness

Muay Thai is one of the most intense martial arts training styles available. An explosive striking martial art, Thai boxing utilizes the whole body to develop powerful strikes, clinches and throws. Children and adults that practice Muay Thai will get an amazing workout and grow in strength, endurance and speed.

Your legs will become more powerful, your core will strengthen and you will burn lots of calories. These benefits are great for adults, but children are also encouraged to improve their physical well being through exercises in the class.

Muay Thai is a Great Way to Build Character

When a workout is pushing a child to overcome their weeknesses, they develop important character skills that they can take with them throughout the rest of their life. Children develop discipline, coordination, perseverance, and confidence. The more they train, the more the class can develop them into strong children both physically and mentally.

Children in the class develop respect for their team, respect for their Kru (teacher), and respect for the art of Muay Thai. This carries over to their experiences outside of the gym as well. Many successful Muay Thai students are successful academic students as well and apply the same character skills in other sports and extra-curricular events too.

Self-Defense Using Muay Thai

Though Muay Thai training is primarily a striking sport and does not include ground self defense, it is a great skill to have have in a self-defense situation. Children involved in Thai boxing classes at Beaufort MMA will learn techniques that are very effective for stopping an opponent’s attack quickly and effectively. While we never teach children to be antagonists, we do teach that children have the right to defend themselves from bullies who mean them harm.

Although we understand that children may have a difficult time defending themselves from adults, the striking in Muay Thai maximize damage to an attacker while limiting the damage back to the student. By striking with knees and elbows against an adult, each child is able to prevent injuries from striking and do as much damage as possible.

Joining a youth Muay Thai class in Beaufort, SC is simple. Sign up for a FREE CLASS on our website and show up for whatever class you register for. Our Thai boxing classes are located at Beaufort MMA within the Omni Fitness next to Bilo and Kmart in the Beaufort Town Center.

If you have any questions about the class, you can give us a call at 843-882-7688 or send us an email.

We hope to see your child in our Youth Muay Thai Class soon. We also have adult Muay Thai classes and youth and adult MMA classes available.

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