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New Post from @beaufort.mma on Instagram

Check out this new image from @beaufort.mma on Instagram

New Post from @beaufort.mma on Instagram

My team from Beaufort MMA went 4-1 on the night. We are a family and I'm proud of you all. Bittersweet that I won't get another chance to corner my brother Ivan for a while, but it was great to get one more with you buddy. Danielle, you are a dedicated fighter and I love training with you. Great execution tonight. Jordan, we have been in this for years and I'm glad I can be caffeine while you continue your fight career. Sheldon, I know a loss is hard to deal with, but you will come bank from this. Will is a savage and screed me that he is so young and so talented. Gabe, I feel confident you will get to fight soon and can't wait for that day. I love you all and thank you for your hard work and dedication. Let's keep it up! Thanks to my BMMA team for showing up and encouraging the fighters today. We are all together in this.

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