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New Post from @beaufort.mma on Instagram

For this #TechniqueTuesday we are going over the Triangle from seated quarter. This technique can be used in #bjj #nogi #grappling or #mma and is especially good for people with less knee flexibility or if they have a hard time locking the triangle fully. To set it up, take your opponent's back and get double under hooks. You want to establish a 2 on 1 grip and push their arm so you can pull the arm out that is trapped by their arm. The same leg steps over their shoulder on that side and you lean onto that knee. Your remaining hand will release their wrist and grab your own shin to pull it across their neck and unter their opposite armpit. To finish the lock, take your non-choking leg and push off of their other hip and slide up behind their neck where you can finish your triangle lock and squeeze your legs together to finish.Feel free to comment or ask any questions and share it with your professor or training partners. If you are looking for a place to train, visit Beaufort MMA in #BeaufortSC and try a class for free. See you on the mats!#oss #mixedmartialarts #brazilianjiujitsu #jiujitsu #technique #submissiongrappling #trianglechoke

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