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BJJ and Submission Grappling Tournament in Savannah GA September 4th 2010

September 4th will be the day where you can Step Up to the Line at Redline MMA’s Step Up to the Line Grappling Tournament. The event precedes the full contact mixed martial arts event taking place that evening and offers a great opportunity to compete in the cage without worry of knockout. Both events will be held at the post gymnasium on Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah GA. The two events mirror the events held by Club Stewart in June.

If you would like to compete, you may register online by clicking this link: http://tiny.cc/p1zl2.

You may also register the day of the tournament. Weigh ins will begin at 9am and continue until 11am. The rules meeting will take place at 1030am and the matches will start by 11am. Please do not be late. Kids and Teen Divisions will go first, followed by the adult weight divisions and finishing with the absolute division.

Divisions will be bracketed at the event. Please use this as a guide, but realize that some divisions may be changed to accommodate a fair competition with several matches per division.

Youth Matches will be split into two categories:
Position only and Submission. The position only division is a requirement to compete in the submission division. The submission division will be optional….

Teen and adult matches will be submission based.

Youth Age and Weight Divisions.

Youth divisions will be set up based on age and weight.

Age guidelines: up to 6 yrs, 7 & 8 yrs, 9 & 10 yrs, 11 & 12 yrs. Anyone over 12 will be placed in the teen division or the weight division.

Weight guidelines: up to 65lbs, 66-80lbs, 81-100lbs, 100 and up.

Adult Age and Weight Divisions.
Age Guidelines: 13-17yrs, 18+, (we will have a master’s division if enough competitors show up)
Weight Guidelines: up to 145lbs, 146-155lbs, 156-170lbs, 171-185lbs, 186-205lbs, 205 and up, Absolute (all weights)

Each match will be scored with the exception of the initial round of the Adult Absolute matches.

Scoring is based on the following point scale:

Takedown to control: 2 points
Dominant Top Position: 2 points
Sweep from Guard or Half Guard: 3 points
Week Submission Attempt: 1 point
Strong Submission Attempt: 2 points

At the end of the round, the grappler with the most points or who submits his or her opponent will win and move on to the next bracket.

Each match will have a time limit. The time limits will vary based on division.

All Youth matches are 3 minutes.
Novice and Beginner Matches will last 4 minutes.
Absolute matches are 10 minutes without points followed by a 4 minute overtime with points if necessary.

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