Lowcountry Submission Grappling Challenge

Next Tournament September 17th, 2022

Join us for a fun and exciting grappling tournament in the Lowcountry as we host a gi / no-gi tournament in the Lowcountry as we host a gi / no-gi tournament. Divisions are available for men, women, and children, so bring the whole family out to compete.

Tournament cost:
Early Registration (through August 8th): $55 for all available divisions (other than absolute).
Standard Registration (Aug 8 – Sept 10): $75 for all available divisions (other than absolute).
Late Registration (after September 10th): $95 for all available divisions (other than absolute).
Absolute Division Registration: $50 per division. Anyone that wins this division will receive 50% of the total entries as a cash bonus after the event.
Spectators (8yrs or older): $10 at the door.
Spectators (Ninja Pass): $20 per person. This fee will allow for unlimited use of our ninja course throughout the day.

Each weight division will be broken up by experience level. Experience should be calculated on any grappling experience, not just BJJ. If you wrestled or competed in MMA, you need to consider that as you determine your division.

Gi Experience Levels (taken from BJJ Belt System):

White Belt: no more than 2 years of total grappling experience.
Blue Belt: up to 4 years of grappling
Purple Belt
Brown Belt
Black Belt

No Gi Experience Levels:

Novice: Less than 6 months of training
Beginner: 6 months – 2 years of training
Intermediate: 2 – 5 years of training
Advanced: 5 or more years of training

Absolute Tournament

We will also be hosting a Absolute Tournament with a cash prize. Each entry must pay $50 for the tournament, and an additional $50 that will go into a “winner takes all” pool.
This division cost and additional $50 which will be added to winner pool. Please read division specific rules here.

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