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Kids Position Only Grappling Tournament

Beaufort MMA and Redline MMA youth martial arts students got to experience the thrill of competition  on Tuesday, March 23rd at Beaufort MMA in Beaufort SC. Kids from each gym met on the mat for a in school mini-tournament to prepare for this weekend’s position only tournament in Myrtle Beach, SC. Each student was weighed and the brackets were drawn out. Due to time constraints, we drew out two divisions: Children up to 9yrs old and under 80lbs and children 10-12 over 90 lbs.
Rules were based on the standard Brazilian Jiu Jitsu position scoring system: 2 points for takedown to control, 2 points for side control, 3 points for knee ride, 4 points for Mount or Quarter with both hooks, 3 points for sweeps. Although several of the students were submission ready in experience, the tournament consisted of position only matches with a 3 minute time limit.
Each match went very well and at the end, Chris R. took 1st in the older division with Matt J. taking second. The younger division had several game competitors but in the end the winner was Scott C. over 2nd place winner, Mahea J. The kids were very excited about the tournament and their skills will be tested this weekend as they compete against other students in Myrtle Beach, SC.

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