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MMA Fights in Atlanta GA Feb 21st – Efrain Lopez vs. Andre Allen

Next weekend, Beaufort MMA Fighter Efrain Lopez takes on Andre Allen from Knuckle Up Fitness in Atlanta. Efrain is new to competitive fighting but quickly solidified his first win at the ICF show on Parris Island last October.

Andre Allen is currently undefeated at 3 wins with No Losses, and is a strong match at 145lbs. Knowing that Efrain would be taking this match, we increased his cardio training and have been working strategy as well as staying focused on our game plan.

The fight will be held in a cage at the “Last Man Standing” event Saturday, February 21st at Cowboy’s in Kennesaw, GA. The main event pits Tim Stout against Brent Weedman in a highly anticipated matchup. There are numerous other fights scheduled as well.

Efrain Lopez has been training for quite some time and is looking forward to his second amateur mixed martial arts fight. Efrain is currently enlisted in the Navy and works in the Medical field. His military training helps him prepare for competition, but unfortunately he has missed a few great fight opportunities based on his work schedule. He is hungry for this fight and wishes to continue undefeated in MMA competition as he faces a tough challenge.

If you are interested in fighting and live near Beaufort SC or Savannah GA, please give us a call at 843-522-1703 for Beaufort MMA, or call 912-412-4653 for Savannah MMA. We will meet with you and give you the chance to train and eventually to compete in mixed martial arts competition.

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