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New Post from @beaufort.mma on Instagram

Every #bjj and #mma competitor or practitioner should know the #rearnakedchoke. But finishing this choke can be difficult against a defensive fighter since everyone for the most part knows how to finish and defend it. In this version of the #RNC, I am showing the palm to palm choke from quarter. In this variation, the defender grabs the attackers choking wrist to prevent the choke, so the attacker will change his grip to finish the choke. This #techniqueoftheday is a high percentage finisher especially if you have your opponent belly down or flattened out on their stomach. Try it out, and I think you will enjoy using it to finish more chokes from the back.#oss #jiujitsu #mixedmartialarts #martialarts #nogi #nogijiujitsu #grappling #chokehold #submission #fight #tapout #chokedout

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