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Places to watch UFC 94 GSP vs BJ Penn in Beaufort SC – Beaufort MMA

This weekend’s UFC is a monster card with some very antcipated match-ups. Thiago Silva and Lyoto Machida are both undefeated at 13-0 but one will remain victorious and probably get the next title shot against Rashad “Sugah” Evans, a tough and also undefeated light heavyweight training under Greg Jackson.

Speaking of Greg Jackson, his coaching has paid off in the past for George “Rush” St. Pierre, but we will see if “the Prodigy” is the BJ Penn of old or the new rabies enhanced version that he was against Joe “Daddy” Stephenson. This is a great test for both fighters. BJ Penn’s loss to GSP was what inspired George to increase his level of technicallity and BJ was winning even without the cardio or focus show with his defeat of Shawn “the Muscle Shark” Sherk, or Joe Stephenson. We will see who comes out victorious tomorrow night. My money is on the fact that this should be a great card.

But where can you watch the UFC in Beaufort?

Dana White has done a lot for the sport and 2 pay per view shows in one month is an example of how great the sport is accepted, but is also very pricey when you are paying for each one. Boondocks restaurant on Lady’s Island is hosting the event, but if you would like to watch it with us, please feel free to join us for the UFC this Saturday night. We have plenty of room and you can bring some friends, too.

The event starts at 10, so you are welcome to show up at 9 or 9:30pm. We will probably order out from Carolina Wings, so bring some cash to chip in and make your own order. We will also be having a pre-fight poll for everyone to make their picks. Whoever wins can have a Beaufort MMA t-shirt. Lets bring some people and have some fun this weekend as we watch UFC 94!

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