Thank you for interest in sponsoring our martial arts program. Due to support from companies like yours, we are able to provide our services to students in need of our self-defense, bully-prevention, and fitness instruction. Your sponsorship will be applied to several areas of our programs. We offer at risk children free martial arts lessons especially kids dealing with bullying or that need to develop confidence and discipline. We also provide free workshops to the community for self-defense and similar topics which your funding makes possible. In addition to paying for memberships and workshops, sponsor funds are put back into our equipment to provide the safest and most usable area for our members and volunteers. Regular wear and tear of equipment requires us to invest in new pads, mitts, and other equipment that is necessary for teaching the classes we offer. We may also use sponsorship funding to allow lower income families the opportunity to compete at local and regional competitions, cover licenses for our trainers and help with travel expenses at events and competitions.

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