USA Boxing Lessons

This class is great for fitness and beginner students.
Fat Loss Effectiveness
Strength Building

USA Boxing is a national organization that promotes and facilitates the sport of boxing. Our boxing class allows students and fighters the opportunity to learn American boxing techniques in a safe and stable environment. The instructors are well versed in boxing techniques and train each student towards their goals. Whether your intent in training is to compete in an amateur or professional boxing match or tournament or to learn for fitness and self-defense, you are welcome in the class.

Boxing has a long history in the States and continues to allow competitors the chance to fight at regional or national tournaments as well as in professional bouts. With the rise in popularity of mixed martial arts, mma fighters will also benefit from the powerful punching combinations, footwork, and evasion techniques of boxing.

Although the class is not specifically made for fitness (this is not a tae bo style class – we focus on proper technique and include sparring), each student of the class will definitely have a great workout and build muscle. The class builds physical discipline and coordination and sparring and drilling is an amazing cardiovascular workout. We often hear from our students how they prefer the boxing class to running on treadmill or other traditional cardio workouts.

The Beaufort MMA boxing team is always looking for talented new boxers to offer their skills in competition. If you live near Beaufort and are interested in becoming an amateur (Olympic style) boxer or a pro boxer, please visit our class to inquire about joining the fight team. We compete throughout the southeast and have connections in professional organizations as well.

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